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We have been helping online business for decades

We're business support specialists

We have a long history of supporting businesses with an online presence to maintain websites, improve ROI, and secure and repair broken WordPress websites. Our skill-base covers repairing graphics, fixing theme issues, updating content problems, resolving PHP or database errors, whitescreens, and even fixing your web server.

We are your on-call web support team with monthly maintenance and our aim is to be cost effective and efficient. That means we don’t cost very much, but we increase your customer satisfaction and your revenue. Read on to find out how we do that.

Most companies have no web support - and that's a problem!

Most medium sized companies do not have in-house web support teams.  Most companies have a junior staff member or a content-editor from marketing to  update the website content. Updating text, images, perhaps adding a plug-in from time to time.

Why is that a problem?  Well, just like when you ignore the maintenance of your car -it will all work OK for  a couple of years, seemingly without problems – but underneath the surface the substructure will be crumbling, serious problems developing.

Perhaps your site seems a little slower and strange things are beginning to happen, perhaps the site doesn’t work so well on phones any more, or perhaps your google results have strange text in them.  This is why modern websites require someone to keep an eye on them, to make sure they stay fully functional.

We make sure your site is fast, secure, and delivering the best ROI for your customers and stakeholders.

A web support staff member will cost you around £45,000 per year!

The wages for a full-time on site web technician who can diagnose and repair your problems are prohibitive at £45,000 per year.  That’s £3,750 per month. It’s a lot of money – and that’s why many companies neglect maintenance until it’s too late.

Compare that £45,000 to our cost of £480  per year

The cost of inaction

The cost of a malfunctioning website, one which silently fails at its tasks, has massive repercussions.   You are losing money and you don’t even know it.
In our direct experience one small company was losing 100% of their online orders for two years due to a misconfiguration.  Another company was losing their rightful position on Google due to a site error, resulting in lost trade. Another company had a hacking problem meaning illegal content was being served from their website.

How much money do you think you are losing?

If you would like a free check up of your website simply get in touch below and we’ll produce a no-obligation report. You can take the recommendations and use them to improve your return on investment, you can fix issues with your WordPress website, and your web hosting, and you can improve your profitability.

You probably don't need a new website, you need your current site repaired and maintained so it works correctly!


For 20 years our team have worked as web designers, web developers and
web hosts and during  that time we supplied customers with websites and
web support. We realised that many companies (with established sites)
were also struggling to  maintain old websites.

We decided to offer our support services to people like you, who have a website – but require a technician to check it out.  Make sure everything is running correctly.

You can wait until a serious problem develops, or get in front of the problem and engage a WordPress maintenance specialist to speed up, streamline and secure your site.


if you encounter any of these issues we have the skills to resolve them

  • WordPress Theme errors
  • WordPress Plug-in errors
  • WordPress PHP error
  • Contact form issues
  • Search problems
  • Site seems slow
  • Database error
  • White screen wordpress error
  • Connection timed out.
  • Error establishing a database connection.
  • Internal server error.
  • Parse or syntax error.
  • WordPress 404 error.
  • Stuck in WordPress maintenance mode


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